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Tori Spelling Finally Back On Quot 90210 Quot

Woo Hoo - all this makes me day (It is not t much to make Monday a little better) finally we ve got pictures of Tori Spelling filming scenes with Jennie Garth on 90210 - it Journal
5.2.09 14:15

When Vivienne Westwood Met Pamela Anderson

A lady of the British empire, with skin pale and ghostly orange hair the last person you would expect to find frolicking, semi-clothed on a beach is the Vivienne Westwood. Anderson, a long-time fan of curve to improve Westwood clothes, he immediately said yes. And the last person you would expect the 67-year-old designer to be frolicking with bodacious would be the symbol of sex Pamela Anderson. The two women inhabit very different worlds, but was so taken with Westwood Anderson, when they met at his spring / summer 2009 fashion show in London last September that asked the former child star of Baywatch in its new ad campaign.
5.2.09 14:15

Anna Faris To Marry Bride Wars Quot Chris Pratt

The House Bunny star is preparing to walk down the altar with the Bride Wars star Chris Pratt, according to people. No other details about the effort have been freed. He awesome. They have taken over the last months of last year, says Faris rep. He knows great, great man. Anna Fari rabbit is from the bride. I feel really lucky, he told the magazine Faris back in August about 29 years of Pratt, who also starred in Everwood..
5.2.09 14:15

Connelly Lightens Things Up

With the possible exception of Meryl Streep, nobody has suffered more in the film Jennifer Connelly. In this film, my biggest concern is home renovation, Connelly says with a laugh. Not surprisingly, Connelly jumped on the opportunity to enlighten with Hes Just Not That Into You, a romantic comedy that looks at the grand-canyon-ish gap between the sexes. Janine Jennifer Connelly like stars in the romantic comedy Hes Just Not That Into You. L Darren Michael former child star has dealt with a screen motherlode of great evils, including the death of a child (Reservation Road), mental illness (A Beautiful Mind), homeless (House of Sand and Fog), drug addiction (Requiem For a Dream) and Apocalypse (The Day the Earth stood still).
5.2.09 14:15

Leona Lewis Ditches Wordy Book

It was announced last month that the Bleeding Love singer would release his first book telling his reputation as a fabulous place. But it seems that the words have been struck in favor of images, according to the newspaper Sunday.. Leona Lewi will be releasing a picture book for his debut autobiography.
5.2.09 14:15


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